Why Your Voice Still Matters When Writing for Your Clients

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Does your voice still matter if you're writing for a client? One of the most desired traits a client wants from a content writer is the ability to write their brand’s voice. And while that’s definitely is a vital skill that will serve you well, it’s important to make sure you can still make every piece of content your own when writing for your clients.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth it to keep your own voice present when working in a client or brand’s voice.

Your Voice Makes Your Copy More Relatable

There’s a reason you got the job in the first place—the person who hired you had enough faith in your abilities to put their brand in your hands. And one of those abilities is keeping your tone friendly, inviting, and wholly convincing.

Being a copywriter means the client’s voice is part of your voice now. Relatable content is content that sells, so the friendly tone you bring to your work keeps your audience there to receive your client’s message.

Writing for Your Clients in Your Voice Gets You Invested

Of course, the fee you’re charging to work with your clients (along with the homework you did on the clients) makes you invested in the project in the first place. However, sometimes the things you’re writing about just don’t seem to, well, be as much fun as you’d like.

It’s not always easy to get into an assignment. Using your own voice for a rough draft is a great place to start. You’ll get the bare bones and talking points in order; then you just need to fit your draft into your client’s voice.

If wrapping your mind around a topic is a challenge, chances are the audience will have a hard time understanding it as well. You should have several different methods in your toolbox. Make them part of your own voice and use the skills you have to write content that people are going to love.

You Might Inform Future Copy’s Tone

Let’s say you’re working with a relatively new client who might not be sure how they want to sound. They might be currently working with a kitchen-sink method to content generation. Keeping your voice in your copy and ensuring your work is top-notch (like always) means the client might like the way you represented them, leading them to adopt that voice in future work they’ll send your way.


In your travels throughout the internet, you’ll come across many different jobs and many different voices you’ll need to write in. But remember, no matter how well you’re writing for another client, your voice is always there in the soul of the text. Don’t be afraid to let it come through from time to time. Who knows—your client may like it as much as you do!

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