Will Social Media Marketing Replace Email Marketing?

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Should you stop hiring copywriters to do email marketing, and focus on social media marketing? Absolutely not. You still need both. Let’s take a look at some statistics.

Today, there are currently over 2.4 billion social media users.

To put that number in perspective, note that the largest country and population in the world (China) has 1.4 billion people. The United States has approximately 329 million people. So, yes, 2.4 billion people is a lot of people and amounts to more people than the whole of China and the United States.

Which marketing methods generate the most money?

Approximately 6% of the people who receive your emails will buy from you. Comparatively, less than 2% of the people who visit your social media pages will buy from you.

This means out of 100 people who visit your social media page or receive your email, only 2 people will buy from social media, but 6 people will buy through your email message.

So, What is it About Email Marketing That Works?

It is a proven fact that 60% of customers are willing to receive promotions through emails.

This makes sense, because your prospect willingly subscribed to your email list. They are expecting to receive promotions through emails from you.

Comparatively, a customer who follows your social media may just be looking for brand updates. They're not as open to promotions or expecting to see too many sales offers.

Here's something you need to know, though:

Email Marketing Today is Different Than it Used To Be

Email marketing has changed. I am going to show you some examples. Let's review how large companies like Microsoft and Apple do email marketing today:

How Microsoft Does Email Marketing

Unlike the old times, where companies emailed every bit of information to all customers in their email list, Microsoft is getting more personal and more specific.

Microsoft does email marketing by sending information about a specific product to its customers.

Let’s take a deep dive into how Microsoft does this. When you are on the homepage of Microsoft (www.microsoft.com). You may select a product from the list of products provided. For example Microsoft Surface.

Then you are being taken to the Microsoft Surface page. After scrolling through all the product information. At the bottom. There is a link requesting you to subscribe to the Microsoft Surface newsletter.

As a result, you will only receive information about Microsoft Surface - and nothing else. This is strategic because you've already shown the interest in that product. Now let’s take a look at how Apple does email marketing today.

How Apple Does Email Marketing

Apple is doing email marketing in a different way. Apple is only targeting existing Apple fans. This means they're only emailing customers who already have an Apple ID (login to Apple website).

During or after subscribing for an Apple ID, you have the option to receive a newsletter about Apple products, software or events. Apple fans and pre-existing Apple users tend to buy more apple products.

The Essence Of Today’s Email Marketing

Although Apple and Microsoft are doing email marketing differently, both of them allow customers to customize what kind of emails they would like to receive.

Everything is more targeted, more specific, and more personal to customer's actual needs and wants.

Why not just email all the information to their customers to get more sales? Isn't that how they used to do it?

The answer is simple. Apple and Microsoft are aware that if you spam your customer’s inbox, they will find the brand annoying and unsubscribe from the email list.

The result of spamming your customers with too much information - especially information that doesn't relate to their needs or preferences - will lead to a major shrinking of your email list.

How Do You Gain a Customer’s Trust?

Now, this is the important part I do not want you to miss. I am going to explain how to gain your customer’s trust using email marketing.

According to Forbes, you can gain customer’s trust by emailing them something valuable. Send value instead of sales, promotions, or emails which does not improve your customers lives.

When you improve their lives you are also building their trust. So exactly what emails build their trust? What kind of emails do they find valuable?

The answer is educational emails.

Here are the 3 Secrets To Build Your Customer’s Trust Via Email:

Secret #1:

Emails tips and tricks about how to use your product. This email tells your customers how to use your product to make their daily lives easier.

Secret #2:

Email real case studies about your product. This email shows how your product is benefiting your existing real-life customers.

Secret #3:

Email to get your customers more involved. It makes sense to get your customer's feedback on whether your email is providing value to them or not.

Now, I want you to be able to use these 3 secrets and get results instantly. Let's review how the brand WD-40 used these 3 secrets:

How WD-40 Uses The Secrets of Email Marketing

WD-40 uses these secrets on their website and also for their email marketing.

Let’s start by How WD-40 provides tips and tricks for product use.

The main purpose of WD-40 is only to act as a lubricant. Yet, their website shows WD-40 can also do other tasks. Such as cleaning bike chains and removing rust from old tools.

Let’s proceed to the second secret. How does WD-40 provide case studies?

During winter, customers will use tire chains on their cars to have more grip on the road. These tire chains will rust after a period of time. And WD-40 can solve the rust problem.

The last but not least secret. They get their customers involved. This secret is not used by WD-40 but used by other large companies like Cisco.

Cisco uses this secret in its forums which customers go, to search for solutions. At the end of every solution. There is a “vote helpful” button. Customers will press this button if they find the solution helpful.

You can easily use these methods in your email marketing. You may get customers to vote for emails that are useful to them. Or are there any emails that they think will benefit them?.

Golden Nuggets

I am going to highlight all the golden nuggets we’ve discussed in this article, so that you can implement these email marketing secrets and start seeing results:

  • Email marketing is arguably more profitable than social media marketing

  • Apple and Microsoft do email marketing by targeting and getting personal

  • There are 3 secrets to gain your customer’s trust

Now that you know how to build your email list (through customized email subscription), you know what content to email your customers (customized and valuable content). The last step is sending the email to your customer.

The Last Step is Not Always Easy

Every email provider (Hotmail, Gmail, etc) has a spam filter. If email providers detect that the writing style of your email sounds like spam, it will go to the user's junk mail, where they'll never see it. This means your promotional or sales email will most probably go to the spam folder, unless someone writers the copy in a way that doesn't sound like spam or seem promotional.

To solve this problem, you will need to hire skilled copywriters.

Copywriters can make a promotional email sound like a personal message, so that it is much less likely to be sent to the spam folder. Inquire today about our email marketing copywriting packages.

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