Writers in Brand Marketing: How Witty Taglines, Slogans, and Innovative Ideas Come To Life

Gavriel Green
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So there you are. You’ve done a wicked brand marketing job, and everything’s going well.

Except the sheer novelty of your product or service is starting to wear off. Your raving fans are beginning to take your awesomeness for granted. Your social media influencers are already onto the next shiny object... until you recapture their attention with your brand’s latest bright idea.

The sales quarter is closing in. You’re brainstorming ways to get new leads and meet your sales goals:

“Ok, so should we come out with a new product or service?”

“We could always fall back on putting our stuff on sale, giving out freebies and incentives…”

“Or maybe it’s time to reinvent our brand... after all, our loyal customers are starting to get complacent?”

While there’s a time and place for all of that, there might be a simpler solution:

Find new ways to express your brand’s uniqueness that resonate with your followers, raving fans, and the social media influencers promoting your brand.

Because these days it’s not enough to just BE special—you also have to be perceived as special. And with the overload of online brand marketing messages, your over-stimulated audience needs to be reminded of why you’re still the one for them.

In this article I’m going to reveal the #1 component of a compelling branding message, and then the “how-to” of actually crafting that message. It's a never-ending source of creativity to reignite your audience’s enthusiasm, draw in new leads, and boost sales.

Sounds good? Let’s go!

#1 Component of Good Brand Marketing

It all goes back to your avatar—that individual you’re talking to and creating for.

How so? Your audience is made up of individuals. Each one has a life outside of buying your stuff. (Crazy, I know!) They have families, worries, hopes and dreams. They have unmet needs, people they want to impress, causes they stand for.

So, while pretty images might catch their eye; contests and prizes might motivate them to use your hashtag; and a sale might entice them to shop now... those are just external, short-term pushes.

A longer-term relationship with your audience is built around an emotional connection.

Once your brand marketing hooks them emotionally, everything else flows more naturally.

When your brand resonates with their core values, you’ll be a god to them. When your brand becomes an expression of their identity, they won’t stop talking about you!

Each individual you’re marketing to has their own identity and ego. And they are more likely to share things that make themselves look good, smart, funny, etc.

For example,

  • If your message makes people smile, the person sharing it feels cute! And their friends now perceive them as a source of joy!

  • If your message is uplifting, the person sharing it feels enlightened. And their friends and followers now perceive them as a source of wisdom.

  • If your product makes people feel hip, fashionable, cutting edge… you get my drift.

Interesting how that works, eh?

So now you might be wondering if:

  1. Brand marketing expresses your eCommerce business’s unique personality, and

  2. It impacts your loyal followers and social media influencers in such a personal way, then

  3. How can you be a brand others will want to identify with?

How do you come up with contagious taglines, slogans, and innovative ideas?

A Tale of Two Mice

I learned the hard way to never trust a pet shop salesperson who reassures you both mice are male.

Around a couple of weeks after bringing them home, one of those mice was getting real fat real quick. I began worrying he might have a tumor. Until it all became clear the following week when five pink, little squeaky things made their appearance and the mouse was back to his original size!

Now, what in heavens has this got anything to do with magnetic brand marketing?

A lot, actually.

See, most new ideas are simply born of two existing ideas.

This means coming up with new ideas is a lot easier than you’d think!

The more you expose yourself to other people’s ideas—especially ones outside of your industry and even outside of your comfort zone—the more ideas there are floating around in your head. Books, movies, articles, YouTube videos, music, TED Talks, etc. can be phenomenal sources of input.

And imagine what happens when you bounce your ideas off of other people who are also feeding themselves new ideas! The ideas explode like when those five pink, little squeaky things stayed together too long in the same cage.

“Don’t Try to Find Great Ideas—Let Great Ideas Find You”

Ed Reay, lead copywriter and instructor for Dan Lok’s High Income Copywriters Circle™ says, "Don’t try to find great ideas—let great ideas find you.”

Great ideas—just like mice—usually have an incubation period. This is where the random, almost “stupid” ideas start evolving and taking on a life of their own.

At first it might just seem like you’re getting a head tumor, but then some great ideas are birthed. (And your head returns to its original size.)

So, now that you’ve begun expanding the volume, variety, and quality of your intellectual input, you're wondering, how does this “incubation period” work?

How do you entice great brand marketing ideas to start finding you?

1. Know Thy Avatar.

The more deeply you know and understand your audience, the easier and more spontaneous the ideas. As Stephen Zhao, High Income Copywriters™ instructor and Sales Copy Director for Dan Lok Companies, asserts, "Writer’s block does NOT exist. It is simply a lack of research."

2. Keep an Idea Journal.

Every day, jot down one idea. It can be anything. No judging.

Suddenly you’ll have tons of ideas to choose from. At least one or two are bound to be good. Eventually your brain will be in the habit of searching for bright ideas, and new inspiration will start making its way toward you.

3. Distract Yourself. (Yes, you read that right!)

Do something unrelated to writing, like going for a walk, swim, or jog. Take a power nap.

Go with the Flow

Y’know what they call “Flow State” or “Being in the Zone”? You’re one with what you’re doing and your mind isn’t interfering with anything. It's where you’re really present, like in a meditative state, except you’re actually doing something, not just sitting on a cushion.

(Curious about the science behind it? Professor and psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi compiled heaps of research in his famous book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.)

In our case, with writing, it’s where the words are just flowing through your hands, through the pen or keyboard. It's almost like some higher power is writing it through you, and you’re just a channel.

When tapped into this infinite source, can there ever truly be an end to the ideas that will come to you?

Shhh... It’s Time to Get Quiet....

It's time to get quiet so your brand marketing ideas can come to life in a new way. Your time to create those witty slogans and taglines so those innovative ideas come to fruition. It's your chance to win back your audience’s heart, attention, and pocket books!

So, how do you get in the flow?

Glad you asked. Here are just a couple of ways:

1. “Morning Pages”

If you’ve read Julia Cameron’s really popular book, The Artist’s Way, you know all about Morning Pages. As a writer, this can be one of the most fun and practical ways to get your juices going and come up with all that magnetic marketing material.

The gist of Morning Pages is to dump your brain out on paper—unfiltered. Just keep the pen to the paper… no pausing, no judging, no correcting.

So, if you have a particular topic or something you need clarity with, this is a great exercise. In the morning, take out three pages, touch that pen to the paper, and just let it roll. With the gibberish gone from your head, some golden nuggets will magically surface.

2. Vipassana Meditation

“If you want true enlightenment, don’t believe a word you think!”—T Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The practice of Vipassana meditation is about experiencing the moment as it is. We're noticing the non-stop narration going on in our head but not believing it. We're in the non-judgmental space where things just “are.”

It's tapping us back into the essence of our creativity where judgement doesn’t exist. We allow ourselves to jot down those random, silly thoughts before our intellect intercepts it.

They can bounce around and incubate so that writers in brand marketing can experience “how witty taglines, slogans, and innovative ideas come to life"!

Now that I’ve laid out an elaborate research, incubation, and flow process, want to hear the short version?

Lazy Man’s (or Woman’s) Way to a Never-Ending Flow of Irresistible Brand Marketing Ideas that Work Like Magic

Hire a copywriter to do all the:

  • Avatar market research

  • Jogging, swimming

  • Journal keeping

  • Book reading, movie watching, article searching, YouTube video watching, music listening, TED Talk note-taking

  • Mouse breeding

  • Incubation

  • Zone entering, Vipassana meditating, Morning Pages writing


Emotionally hooked customers are loyal to your brand. Brand marketing in a way your customer avatar identifies with requires some creativity. Preparing to write these slogans and taglines in a flow state is essentially about 3 things:

  1. Intentionally inundating yourself with a wide range of ideas

  2. Recording all the random ideas as they come to you

  3. Clearing your head from it all, allowing the wisdom to pour forth!

P.S. And most importantly: “1 Mouse + 1 Mouse = Infinite Mice”

Gavriel Green

Combining his raw talent with the training he received through AWAI and HIC, Gavriel meets your prospect where they’re at - then takes them along the journey toward becoming a paying customer. Gavriel looks forward to helping your business thrive, putting your message in front of the right audience- including those who didn’t even know they needed what you have to offer.

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