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Readability is important when writing emails to improve reader engagement. You want your email marketing content to stand out from the horde of emails filling people’s inboxes.

Writing style matters. You can get more results in email marketing when you take the time to improve the way you write so you can effectively impact your readers.

When readers are inspired, they follow your call-to-action (CTA). That is the main point of email marketing.

Write Personalized Emails

Direct Marketing Association completed a research study that found personalized emails generated approximately 58 percent of revenue for the marketers included in the study. Writing personalized content will improve the connection with people on your email list.

People are inundated with emails each day, so tailor your writing style for the most impact with a personalized subject line and email content. When the content is customized for a personal experience, people will be more likely to open the email and engage with the CTA.

Create Content in the Second Person

Let the reader know you are speaking directly to them by creating content in the second person. Use the pronouns “you, your, and yours” for a more personal effect.

Neil Patel is an entrepreneurial genius who has perfected the art of writing content that generates leads and readers engaging in the CTA. In one of his emails, he used the word “you” 317 times.

That may seem like overuse of the word, but your readers won’t think so. Addressing the reader directly will improve their overall experience in reading the email and make them feel valued.

Improve Content Readability

Readers are swamped with a constant stream of information in our world today. They don’t want to be bogged down reading a long email that looks like a white paper on climate change.

Content readability is important. Consider following the CRABS technique created by Dave Chaffey, author of Total Email Marketing. This technique stands for chunking, relevance, accuracy, brevity, and scannability.

Make the email easier to read by writing paragraphs with no more than two sentences. This may go against the grain of how you were taught to write, but today’s reader thrives on factual content that’s easy to read.

With more streamlined content, there is no filler to bog down the reader and make them want to click delete. The important part of getting more results in email marketing is to write relevant content in a scannable format.

Just remember to focus on facts, remove the fillers, and never overpromise or oversell the reader. The reader wants accurate information in a format that saves time, so they can read it, comprehend it, take action, and then get onto the next thing on their to-do list.

By improving your writing style, you can increase the number of people that take your CTA seriously and take the next steps to follow it.


To get more results in email marketing, write personalized content that uses the second person to have a greater impact on the reader. Create accurate and relevant content that focuses on optimized readability for the audience.

Your readers are very busy and appreciate getting emails that are easy to scan and understand in a matter of seconds. If you're looking for a little help with time-saving emails with CTAs that get engagement, get in touch with one of our copywriters.

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