YouTube Copywriting: Why It Matters and What to Do About It

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Copywriters understand how important video is to today’s marketing world. After all, video and copywriting go hand-in-hand. Such is the case with YouTube copywriting as well.

Why Should I Care About YouTube Copywriting?

I get it. You’ve just finished a video and all you want to do is get it online for the world to see. But creating a video that resonates with your audience is only half the battle. You’ve put hard work into the script and captions, and now it’s time to make sure people see and hear your video.

Without properly optimizing a YouTube video’s title, description, and tags, there’s little to no chance your video will be seen by your audience.

Plus, leveraging your copywriting skills to orchestrate intriguing YouTube titles increases the chances of users clicking on your video. Ultimately, of all the videos in the search results, why should they choose yours?

And, the YouTube video description is prime real estate for linking to the rest of your marketing campaign or website. Whether you want people to click over to your online store, email newsletter, landing page, or blog post, you have to convince them to do so in the description.

Seven Quick and Easy YouTube Copywriting Tips

To knock your video copywriting out of the park, keep these tips in mind:

1. Focus on the Title

You only have 100 characters (70 appears in search) to convince a user to click on and watch your video. With those stakes, you can’t waste time on boring video titles like “Dog Catches Ball.”

What a snooze fest.

Instead, be descriptive, creative, and inventive! I’d rather watch a video called, “High-flying Dog Miraculously Catches Ball.”

But be wary of falling into the clickbait trap. Never mislead or misinform an audience for the purpose of driving them to click on your video.

2. Get to the Point

Sure, you have 5,000 characters to work within the description. But that doesn’t mean your viewers want to read a novel. Get to the point early in the description.

3. Know Your Audience

Also, remember who your audience is. A 45-year-old male will not react to the same copy as a 14-year-old teenager. Write what your audience wants to know or hear.

4. No Spoilers!

Don’t reiterate everything you say in the video. Otherwise, what’s the point in watching the video you worked so hard to create?

Instead, use enticing copy that continues to convince viewers to watch the entirety of your video.

5. Link Away

YouTube video descriptions can include hyperlinks, so use them to your advantage. Use this opportunity to drive viewers to complete an action, such as:

  1. Visit your eCommerce store

  2. Click through to a landing page to learn more

  3. Sign up for an email newsletter

  4. Follow you on social media

  5. Link to other related videos

Your linking and marketing possibilities are endless.

However, when linking in a description, use "http://", not "www," to make it hyperlinked.

6. Consider Keywords

Like website content, you should always incorporate keywords into your YouTube copywriting efforts. These keywords will be used to rank your video in the search results on YouTube and Google alike.

As always, do not oversaturate your description with keywords. Keyword stuffing is a bad practice on YouTube, too.

7. Make It Accessible

There are several ways to ensure your video is viewed and heard by all. YouTube accessibility practices include creating accessible descriptions, including a descriptive transcript, and adding captions to your videos.

Your YouTube copywriting skills will come in handy here, too, as you’ll need to ensure that captions and descriptions portray your video appropriately for those who may not be able to experience it as you originally intended.


As you can tell, there’s far more to YouTube than silly titles and haphazardly written descriptions. Instead, YouTube copywriting is a vital component of your larger marketing strategy. If ignored, the world may never see the videos you’ve worked so hard to make.

Incorporate these YouTube copywriting tips into your next video project and watch what happens next.

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