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Engage More Followers on Twitter by Honing Your Writing Style

Joanne Troppello
December 14, 2018

Engaging with followers on Twitter is an important part of drawing people to your website, blog, or another online hub. To successfully accomplish this goal, develop and follow a specific strategy for creating a writing style that grabs the attention of your followers. Read on to learn how.

Use Technology to Excel on Twitter

Google and the National Science Foundation used an algorithm to research how well keywords, rhetoric, and sentence structure play out in popularity with Twitter followers. Their research can help you when you use this online tool to identify which one of two tweets would be retweeted more.

Simply craft two tweets on the same topic, plug them into the online tool, and the algorithm will let you know the better of the two to tweet to your followers. Let’s check out some ways that you can further hone your writing style to get more engagement on Twitter.

Hone Your Writing Style

Get your tweets retweeted and maximize engagement with your followers by writing exciting tweets relevant to people and current events. Consider implementing the following top strategies as you hone your writing style to create tweets that resonate.

Relax and Be Yourself

Sure, you want to promote your brand, but you need to write in a relaxed style and not tweet like you’re a “brainiac” spouting off facts all the time. Write like you enjoy being on Twitter and want to connect with people.

Use Humor or Sarcasm

Of course, you don’t want to cross the line with offensive jokes or harsh sarcasm that can be perceived negatively. However, using humor is a great way to relate with and increase your audience, letting people know you’re a fun account to follow.

Incorporate Emotion

Tweets that incorporate emotional tones tend to get more engagement from followers. Now, you don’t want to go overboard with emotion but use just enough to get the attention you need to increase likes, retweets, and gain new followers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

Live on the edge a little and craft tweets that use bold wording that encourages people to stop and read your content. Be daring and willing to go right up to the line without crossing it into unseemly content—just enough to pique the curiosity of those in the Twitterverse.

Craft Creative Calls to Action

You want your followers to like, reply, and retweet your tweets, so you need to get creative with your calls to action (CTA). Write captivating CTAs that make your followers want to get involved with your cause, visit your website or blog, or join your next viral revolution.

Being a superstar brand in the Twitterverse may seem like a far-off dream for your company or brand, but it’s not! You can start crafting tweets that truly resonate with followers and help connect you with more and more people on this social media venue.

Shake off any hesitation and get started today by honing your writing style to craft tweets that maximize engagement with followers. Relax, use humor, add some emotion, be bold, and write must-read calls to action.

Owning your space in the Twitterverse is simple. You just need to be uniquely you and implement these stylistic techniques into your tweet-crafting process.

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