Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Google Ads Landing Page

Melanie Green
December 3, 2018

If your company is investing money into a Google Ads campaign, you want to achieve the highest possible return on your investment. Creating a landing page that visitors will see after clicking on your campaign will help your company realize this goal. Below are five pieces of advice to keep in mind as you develop this vital component.

Choose a Landing Page Over Your Website’s Homepage

Many companies have their Google Ads campaign link directly to their homepage. This is not a strategy that often generates the results most companies want. Think about it this way: a customer searches for your product, then clicks on a link to buy your product, only to end up on your company’s homepage. You want to keep up the momentum for them to buy. Create a landing page that pushes the product to people who search for it.

Focus on a Single Product or Service

Your landing page should not be focused on every product your company offers, but rather a single product or service related to the keyword. When customers use a keyword, they’re letting you know what they’re looking to buy. They may not have a need for the other products or services your company offers at this time.

Think About Customer Objections

A Google Ads landing page is a natural place to debunk buying objections and keep your lead focused on buying your product or service. Think about what keeps prospective customers from buying and address it directly on the page. If they sometimes say the product is too expensive, write how the product provides value. Describe how it’s better suited to tackle a specific problem than a competitor’s product.

If you aren’t sure what objections customers have, host a focus group and have discussions with people about your products. Remain open-minded as customers voice criticisms and thank them for their time. You can use this information to create a great landing page that effectively addresses these questions.

Present Multiple Opportunities to Buy

It’s tempting to just ask for the sale at the bottom of the landing page. However, what happens if someone leaves the page prior to reading the call to action? Give your lead several opportunities to buy right from the get-go.

Consider a Smaller Ask

If your products or services are expensive, you could create a smaller offer for the landing page that converts leads into actual customers. This can be a service that you already offer or you can create something specific to the landing page. It could be a discounted consultation or a service that’s often combined with other services.

Google Ads can be an amazing platform for your advertising efforts. You can gather data and test new campaigns to increase the likelihood of a successful sales pipeline. Using these tips, you can work on creating effective Google Ads campaigns.

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