Four Ways to Incorporate Emotion to Boost Sales Conversion Rates

Melanie Green
November 28, 2018

As you write sales copy for your website, brochure, marketing email, or landing page, you’ll need to consider what will make customers more likely to buy your product or service. Using emotion in your copy could work—if you incorporate it successfully. Here are four ways that you can put emotion into a copywriting assignment to improve its sales conversion rates.

Instill Fear

One of the most powerful emotions is fear. If you utilize the emotion of fear into your copywriting, anxious customers who see your product or service as a solution are more likely to buy. Imagine you’re a parent of a small child in the state of Florida. You read a piece about how a child drowns every four minutes in the state. It then mentions, using credible sources, how kids in formal swim lessons reduce their risk of drowning by 88 percent. Being fearful of their kids drowning, there’s a good chance they’ll sign up for swim lessons to protect their children if the sales pitch is framed this way.

Create Scarcity

Having the time to think about a purchase is great when your customers want to save money, but it’s less effective as a marketing strategy, when customers are more likely to buy a product impulsively. Tula® sells baby carriers, some of which are specialty woven wraps that retail for more than $300.

There are less expensive baby carriers to buy that might be more practical, if less trendy. The company sells limited edition prints it never carries again. The company has a marketing page called “Last Chance Sale” where the last of these prints can be purchased without the ability to return the carrier. If a customer wants a particular print, they can’t wait or the print might be purchased by someone else.

Partner with a Good Cause

People want to feel good about the purchases they make. Consider how Lush’s Charity Pot or buying a pair of TOMS shoes makes you feel when you find out how your purchase supports a good cause. At the heart of both of these efforts is an excellent marketing campaign with a story that has been effectively conveyed to customers. Make a list of charities or initiatives that your company could support that would be authentic to its product or mission. Even if you can’t foster a long-term partnership, supporting a cause for a period of time is a great reason to connect with your customers.

Show Gratitude

Most important, customers want to feel valued. If you show gratitude in your marketing copy, customers might be more likely to buy a product. For example, if you send out a marketing email thanking customers for supporting your business for all these years, customers feel good about supporting the business.

The key to using emotion in copywriting is to be authentic and to not overuse it. If every campaign your company puts out tries to scare customers, they’ll start to ignore it. It’s important to use emotion sparingly and only when it’s appropriate.

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