Improve Conversion Rates With These Simple Copywriting Tips

Joanne Troppello
April 4, 2019

The copywriting conversion rate for the average website is 2.35 percent. Companies with websites ranking in the top 10 percent of searches, however, typically get three to five times more conversion rates.

If you want to improve conversion rates for content you write, consider implementing the following tips into your copywriting process.

1. Write Good Content With Strong Headlines

Good copywriting is the basic foundational building block of improving conversion rates. Sounds like common sense, but many times people settle for mediocre content and hope that it converts simply by stuffing it with keywords and using other optimization efforts.

Neil Patel is a well-known content creator and he suggests that quality, original content will rank higher with Google’s algorithm updates and appeal more to visitors for better conversion rates.

Headlines are an important factor in converting leads to sales since approximately 80 percent of people read them—and only 20 percent click through to read the content.

Make every word count starting with the headline.

2. Images and CTA Placement Matters

The best content that gets conversions effectively combines the right words, images that pop, and the call to action (CTA) with the perfect placement. You want to structure the perfect pathway for the reader to be led to the purchase point or CTA.

Don’t overwhelm the content with too many images, but use the right amount to help hone the focus to the action point. Anything that detracts from getting the reader to the goal of clicking on the CTA needs to be trimmed during the conversion copywriting process.

3. Focus on Delivering the Message

The term conversion copywriter originated by Joanne Wiebe in an effort to identify the best method to improving your conversion rate through better copywriting. One of the ways to improve that rate is to focus on delivering the message in a clear manner that leaves no doubt to the reader as to what you’re asking them to do.

Your message should be concise but persuasive in an unobtrusive way. You don’t want to manhandle the reader with your words but rather finesse them toward their decision to keep reading.

With conversion copywriting, you need to be completely focused on persuading your visitors to complete an action. Some of those actions may be the following:

  1. Signing up for your email newsletter
  2. Clicking through to another page on your website
  3. Sharing your content on social media
  4. Making a product or service purchase

Maximize your powers of persuasion through quality content that adds educational value while delivering the message in a creative way. You can use this conversion copywriting to improve conversion rates for your website, email, blog, and article content.

Create stellar content that gets three to five times higher conversion rates like the top 10 percent-ranking websites. It may seem like they have some secret weapon for drawing readers in to become viable leads that convert to customers. However, they are taking basic copywriting steps that you can also implement into your own content creation process.

Write strong content with good headlines. Be strategic with your image and CTA placement since every detail counts. Craft content that never strays from delivering your specific message.

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