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The Impact of White Space in Online Copywriting

Melanie Green
January 14, 2019

In book publishing and newspaper printing, experts highlight the importance of having white space in copy. The term “white space” refers to the part of the page that isn’t printed on with text or pictures. When it comes to online copywriting, white space is still important. Here are some of the reasons to incorporate white space in your online copywriting projects, whether blog posts, emails, or website pages.

Easy to Read

White space makes text easier to read. Consider what it would look like to have a solid block of text that is justified or flush against both margins. It would be very difficult to read or to keep track of where you left off reading. Many publications maintain left alignment with ragged edges on the right side to make it easy to read. This also makes it less tiring on a reader’s eyes. Without white space, reading a lot of copy could be similar to trying to read a word search, where the letters go on repetitively without end.

Create a Professional Look

White space can help to create a professional look for your online articles. Professional publications and large corporations use white space to create contrast between the text, images, and the surrounding website. For companies that want to emulate the success of larger corporations, utilizing more white space can make it possible to do that. Consider how companies use short phrases in their homepage banners or in advertisements against striking images. This is simple enough for your company to replicate.

Break Up Copy

White space breaks up copy into smaller chunks. This makes it possible for users to skim through the content without having to read the entire article. If readers want to know what the article is generally about before giving it a closer read, the ability to skim the document for its quality and content can make a difference.

Make Text More Mobile-Friendly

Giant run-on paragraphs are difficult to read on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Having shorter paragraphs and sentences makes it easier to read on smaller devices. Since most people access online content using a mobile device, it’s imperative that you do whatever you can to improve the user experience. This includes more than using white space and shorter paragraphs. You’ll want to also utilize a mobile-friendly website.

Use for Emphasis

White space can be used for emphasis, just like it is in poetry. Deciding where you end a paragraph or a sentence can potentially change the meaning of written copy or how it’s interpreted by its readers. Splitting up a long paragraph can emphasize two separate points.

Many business owners and writers find that coming up with great content is difficult enough. They don’t always think about white space and how what they write is presented on the page. Incorporating white space effectively in your online writing can make your copy easier to read, more mobile-friendly, and create a professional look.

Meta:  White space is important, whether online or in print. Use white space effectively to make your content easier to read and more mobile-friendly.

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