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Write Better Email Messages with These Top Five Apps

Joanne Troppello
December 5, 2018

The purpose of email marketing is to cultivate a good relationship between the customer and a brand. Business owners need engaging emails to maximize these consumer relationships and expand their customer reach.

Customers don’t want to read annoying emails that are filled with ads, links, and nonsense that’s a waste of their time and not worth the read. Thankfully, the following five apps can help you write better email messages that truly resonate with your customer base.

Helpful Email Apps

We all need a little help sometimes. Review these apps to find out which one (or ones) work best for your email writing needs and craft stellar content that generates results.

Enhance the Research Process

Crafting the best email content involves intense research that can be a huge time consumer. Use the Detective by Charlie app to spend more time writing and less time researching customer data.

This app effectively automates the research process by mining data sources such as email records and social media accounts to give you data that helps in crafting dynamic emails. Personalizing content increases the probability of customer engagement.

Get Real Personal

Ok, so we’re not talking about truly personal details. However, wouldn’t you like to know how to write emails that impact the customer, so they’ll follow your call to action?

With the Crystal Knows app, you’ll receive tools like personality assessments and predictions to help you reach the customer where it will affect them the most. When you know their behavioral tendencies and what motivates them, you can write email content they’ll love.

Craft Confident Content

To write strong emails that sell, use the Just Not Sorry app designed by Tami Reiss. This app will evaluate the content in your email to identify when you have written weak content that could be restated more strongly.

As the app’s name depicts, using words like “sorry” shows a weak tone. So, this app will ensure that you are writing better email messages that demand attention.

Great Grammar Skills Shine

Readers don’t want to read emails that are littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

You can use Grammarly to help you write emails that are error free and effectively get your point across to the reader without annoying distractions that come from poor writing. There are 250 advanced grammar rules integrated in this writing tool to ensure that mistakes are detected, and corrections suggested.

Perfect Your Email Content

Boomerang Respondable is a great email writing tool that features integrated artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the email crafting process. No longer agonize over whether your email has the right tone, length, optimal word choices, and proper grammar.

You can write better emails in less time with this innovative app. The AI analyzes the content to make sure you’ll get the response you want.

Writing content for email marketing is generally not a fun assignment since it can be difficult to craft the right content to resonate with customers. Make the process easier by using one or more of these top 5 apps.

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