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The Formula for Writing Perfect Social Media Posts

Melanie Green
December 27, 2018

Social media can be an integral part of your brand’s customer engagement and marketing efforts. However, it isn’t enough to simply share relevant content. You need to include original copy that adds value to relevant links and promotions. Consider the following as your formula for writing social media content that engages customers and encourages sales.

Understand Your Target Market

Before you write any social media, you need to understand your target market. It’s not enough to have a general idea of who you sell products to and on which platform. You need to narrow your target market down enough to understand the people most likely to buy your company’s products or services. What works on Twitter for your market, may not work on Facebook, so you should evaluate how your target market uses each platform.

If your company sold a high end, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free skin care product, your customers would probably not be interested in DIY skin care products to save money. Rather, your target market most likely has money (to afford your products), allergies (since they would pay more for a hypoallergenic product), and tries to avoid using chemical-laden skin care products. This target market wants to know about the chemicals in conventional skin care products or what makes your product hypoallergenic.

Promotion and Focused Content: An Uneven Split

Most of your content on social media should be focused on what your target market wants, not on what products or services you want to sell to them. While some experts say this should be an 80 to 20 percent split, the most important factor to remember is that most of your content strategy on social media should focus on giving your target market valuable information—not on directly asking for a sale. If your social media channel only has sales information, customers may not check your page unless they need a coupon code.

An Attention-Grabbing Sentence + Call to Action

For each post, write an attention-grabbing sentence followed by a sentence that directs the reader on what to do. Some examples:

  • Eighty percent of new moms buy products they end up regretting. Learn which five products moms ended up hating the most.
  • Kids have an 88 percent lower risk of drowning if they’re enrolled in swim lessons. Sign up your kids today.

Great Photo

Use an eye-catching photo to accompany your post and you will most likely see an increase in clicks. If you use a stock photo, try to find a standout shot that’s unique and less likely to be used by other competing brands. Ideally, you’d use an original photo with your social media post.

Relevant Link

Whatever your post is about, make sure the link is relevant. Don’t schedule an intriguing post only to link to something that’s unrelated. That’s a type of click bait and it can negatively impact the trust your customers have in your brand.

Learning how to write effective social media posts is critical to your brand. Using these strategies, you can develop insightful social media posts your target market wants to read. They may even choose to become loyal customers based on what—and how—you share.

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